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Don’t settle for basic beer, use our exclusive Draught Finder to locate Guinness near you! Search for pubs, bars and restaurants by how they serve their Guinness – draught in a Gravity Glass, draught in a pint glass, from a can or in a bottle.

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Guinness Social Club

The Guinness Social Club was originally founded in Phoenix and was born out of the desire to meet others that share a love for what we would consider one of the greatest brands of all time, Guinness. It’s the first beer we ask for at a pub and sometimes the only beer… if this is how you feel too, then you’re in the right place.

We welcome anyone that enjoys a smooth 20oz pint of Guinness Draught to join us. Please, feel free to invite your friends too!

Share your photos, experience and more on our Instagram and private Facebook Group.

From time to time we’ll have social gatherings at a local pub if you’re interested in meeting new people, networking and/or making new friends.

Again, thanks for joining us, we’re glad you’re here.

Join the club.

Follow us on social media, where we share amazing pics of Guinness and Guinness-related things!

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Get involved with your local GSC chapter and join the club now to find out more information about events near you! Don’t see your local area? Connect with us about being the local leader and we’ll set it up for you.


The Guinness Social Club is a fan club completely independent of Guinness & Co and Diageo. In no way do
the actions, comments or content of the Guinness Social Club represent Guinness or Diageo.